Programs and Activities

  • Provide and maintain a large variety of pamphlets and brochures on such diverse topics as: government programs for seniors, newsletters and magazines for seniors, brochures on health concerns such as MS, diabetes, heart and stroke, arthritis, etc., several types of day trips and tours for seniors, Canada’s Food Guide, etc.
  • Provide information and referral on the phone or to walk-in inquires on such topics as housing, home care, recreation, finances, etc. 
  • Liaise with government departments, agencies, senior clubs, etc.
  • Provide a site for free income tax preparation for low income seniors
  • Process  registrations and maintain the database for the 50+ Friendship Games.
  • Provide speakers for senior groups – topics include medication, emergency response systems, nutrition, fraud awareness, exercise geared for seniors, etc.
  • Made PowerPoint presentation on recreation activities for seniors which is used to promote friendship games and general recreation for the older adult
  • Provide an activity room where seniors come to play board games – 45s, scrabble, etc. – and socialize.
  • In conjunction with health and service providers, provide space for foot clinics, flu clinics, interviewing seniors, etc.
  • Publish a newsletter, Senior News.
  • A display and short-term loan library of assistive devices for daily living skills called so seniors can see and use a device before deciding to purchase. 

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